The Penguin, Polar Bear, and Pancake Bag

This project happened because I found this delightful canvas on Miss Matatabi and decided I needed to do SOMETHING with it.


I mean, how can you possibly resist Polar Bear and Baby Penguin making pancakes? The slightly strange but still intelligible English only adds to the charm. I decided to make a bag for a friend, who I knew would be equally delighted by the adventures of Penguin and Polar Bear.


Luckily Miss Matatabi had a perfect coordinating penguin poplin to line the bag. Armed with half a meter of each, and some nylon webbing from the craft store, I made a bag. It’s lined and there’s a lot of topstitching to give it some body and keep the lining from flopping around, but other than that it’s really straight forward.


Not much else to say. It’s a simple tote bag – I originally had grand ideas of zippers and interior compartments, but then paused, reflected upon the fact that it was the week before my due date, and decided finished was better than fancy. I think I ended up finishing it just two or three days before I went into labor, so good thing I went the simple route or it still wouldn’t be finished. 😉