Belated Easter Blogging

The weather at Easter was beautiful: sunny and warm, all the grass verdant and spring green. My family had our semi-traditional, not particularly denominational Easter dinner at my parents’ house. I made Kulich and Pashka – My family isn’t Russian, but I made them one year out of curiosity and my brother loved them so much I’ve made them ever since.


This year I used this kulich recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen, which I will be using again because it was really good – the one change I made was to substitute 100g toasted sliced almonds and 200g mixed chopped apricots and dried sour cherries in place of the raisins the recipe calls for. The pashka is Nami-Nami’s Pashka recipe, made with ricotta in place of farmer’s cheese because I can’t find farmer’s cheese anywhere.


The kulich recipe makes a LOT: this is one batch. I ended up with three large cakes, made with the 6-inch panettone molds from Sur la Table, and eight large muffin sized cakes, the molds for which I found at Daiso. Eleven people polished off two of the large cakes in one sitting, because they’re really tasty.


Someone was having fun with the camera while I was decorating the kulich platter with hazel twigs.


My brother took some photos outside – and look, I’m wearing the bolero I sewed for Sew for Victory, along with a dress I made some twelve years ago.