A Baby Quilt for Me


I have a backlog of quilts and projects to write about (what’s new?) and less time than ever in which to do so – but work is exceptionally slow and boring today, so let’s see what can be done.

I think I finished this quilt a little over a year ago.


My munchkin was due in early June, and I had a cousin expecting a baby in May and my sister-in-law due in July, so I had a frenzied few months of quiltmaking.


The design of quilt is loosely inspired by my beloved baby quilt, made for me by my Granny – I forgot to take a photo of it, though, and they don’t really look that much alike. It’s the spirit of the thing, I guess. Anyway, this quilt started with the flowered fabric used for the largest squares: I bough this at the Marimekko store on the Esplanade the first time I visited Helsinki. I was coming down with a cold and felt dizzy and out of it, but when has that ever stopped anyone from buying fabric? And I’m very glad I did, because Marimekko discontinued this colorway.


While looking for coordinating fabrics in my stash, I found an almost perfect match in this Japanese rabbit fabric that I bought… probably over a decade ago. (Okay, while I say fabric stash the reality may be closer to fabric hoard. And I am perched atop it with a cup of tea, a very satisfied fabric dragon indeed.)


I added the plum sakura print fabric (also from my stash – fairly sure I bought this at my local quilting store) to add some warmth and contrast to the blue/white palette.


I only had half a yard of the bunny fabric, which wasn’t quite enough, so the navy sakura print was added as a “design feature.” I also used it for the binding, to help pull the quilt together & make it more cohesive.


The backing is a brushed double gauze purchased from Miss Matatabi. I think the sheep are so cute! Speaking of sheep, I also made a swaddling blanket out of more double gauze from Miss Matatabi.


The pattern is called Sheeeep (plus or minus some e’s) and look, it even features tiny sheepdogs!

And finally, because I can’t resist, our own noble dogbeast, posing very nicely. (The painting over the crib was painted by my Granny – it’s of angels over the Earth, and it hung over our bed for many years before I decided the baby would need some guardian angels.)


I’m happy with how this quilt came out – it’s more simple than most of the baby quilts I make, but it’s cozy, the fabrics make me happy, and it came together quickly. Maybe someday the munchkin will even appreciate it, instead of just spitting up milk on it. 😉 At least the dog appreciates it – she frequently curls up and sleeps on it!


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